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Mrs & Mr Gupta, New Delhi

” Our daughter was diagnosed with DDH as soon as she was born. After several setbacks with the closed reduction / conservative treatment she finally had a successful open reduction operation and her hip was put back in place. She underwent the open reduction procedure when she was 8 months old. The total time my daughter spent in the harness/cast/brace is closed to 7-8 months which is almost half her life (as of today) and we were going through the most difficult times of our life.
Dr. Padman is a very thorough and detailed person. At every point we were confident about the fact that Dr. Padman knew what he was doing and he kept us well informed with – the details of the procedures, expectations that we should have and guidance on how we should handle it.
Dr. Padman has been extremely comforting since the time we met him and this has played a very instrumental role for us as parents of a little patient. He never hesitated to spend those 5 extra minutes with us each time we met him and made sure we were well informed, re-assured and comfortable. This really helped us fight through the tough times.
Communicating with Dr. Padman was a breeze. He answered every single email/SMS we sent to him during the course of the treatment and addressed our questions/apprehensions promptly. This saved us painful and unnecessary extra trips to the hospital. Dr. Padman is a great human being and we have high regards for him and can easily vouch for his sincerity, dedication, and capabilities ”

Mrs & Mr Samson, Nigeria

“….. We would like to express our profound appreciation of Dr Manoj Padman for his exceptional disposition towards us during the course of treatment for our 6 year old son who underwent corrective surgery for Tibial Hemimelia.
Prior to the visit, we had established contact with the doctor through email, and his disposition and conduct left us in no doubt that he is a true professional, capable of solving our problem. He is ever willing to talk to us, reply to our correspondences promptly and answer all our questions regarding the nature of the operation.
Throughout the process of hospitalisation and 8 weeks stay thereafter, Dr Manoj Padman exhibited a high level of professionalism. The one thing that stands out is his attention to detail and his exceptional ability to hear and listen to all our observations and complaints.
We were fully satisfied with the success of the operation and his present condition which has restored hope and confidence in our son to move freely among his peers …..”

Mr V Kumar, Itanagar

” ….. I am highly thankful for the active moral support and treatment provided by you and your colleagues for my 12 year old daughter who was referred with a forearm bone tumour. There are no words to express our thanks, but we would like to highlight the following features that satisfied us
a) The briefing and counselling of patient and family about diagnosis, course of illness, treatment and prognosis was highly satisfactory. This would reassure anyone that he/she is in the right place for treatment
b) The doctor / team could be contacted anytime and we could get a quick response
c) The healing process has been very good and as per plan. The technique of surgical reconstruction and bone grafting has been highly praised by other surgeons whom we had consulted in Delhi, Bihar and Itanagar …..”

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Paediatric Orthopaedics (Children's Orthopaedic Surgery) is the speciality that deals with ailments or problems affecting the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints and related soft tissues - muscles, tendons, ligaments) in children and adolescents.

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