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Neurogenic Hip Problems

Childhood and adolescent hip problems constitute a significant proportion of our practice @ CPOD.
Appropriate and timely management of these problems can avoid potentially debilitating consequences during later years of life.
Unlike adult hip disorders, childhood hip problems may not always present with pain and often end up being detected late.
Children usually present with a limp which may or may not be associated with pain.

At CPOD, we have the necessary experience and expertise in the management of paediatric hip disorders to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Listed below are a few clinical scenarios that we deal with

  • Evaluation of a child with a limp
  • Screening of newborns and infants for DDH – Clinical & Ultrasound
  • DDH across all ages – Pavlik harness, Closed reduction, Open reduction, Femoral & Pelvic osteotomies
  • Failed DDH surgery – evaluation followed by revision surgery as needed
  • Evaluation of a child with irritable​ hip
  • Osteoarticular infections – osteomyelitis & septic arthritis
  • Acute hip trauma management
  • Management of neglected / failed trauma
  • Perthes’ disease – conservative and surgical management
  • Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (SUFE)
  • Evaluation and management of Neuromuscular hip problems
  • Complex hip deformities – as part of congenital or acquired pathologies
  • Pathological fractures
  • Post infective & post trauma sequelae
  • Cysts, tumours and tumour like conditions around the hip
  • Coxa vara – congenital, developmental or acquired
  • Adolescent hip problems
  • Femoro acetabular impingement

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Paediatric Orthopaedics (Children's Orthopaedic Surgery) is the speciality that deals with ailments or problems affecting the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints and related soft tissues - muscles, tendons, ligaments) in children and adolescents.

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