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Limb Reconstruction / Fixator assisted surgeries

LIMB RECONSTRUCTION / Deformity correction

Limb Reconstruction Surgery is the specialised field of Orthopaedics which deals with the management of congenital and acquired deformities of the upper and lower limbs by a range of techniques.
While deformity correction is a key aspect of limb reconstruction surgery, the achievement of maximum function is the cornerstone of this specialised field.

Limb reconstruction surgery @ CPOD will aim to

  • correct angular and rotational deformities
  • achieve bony union
  • correct mal and non unions
  • reconstruct bone defects
  • address the limb length inequality
  • achieve joint stability
  • correct soft tissue contractures
  • restore limb alignment
  • maintain range of motion of joints

Surgical techniques will involve

  • Use of external fixators / frames
  • Use of implants and intramedullary devices
  • Limb lengthening & bone transport
  • Guided growth & growth modulation
  • Osteotomies​​
  • Soft tissue releases
  • Arthrodiatasis (distraction of joints)

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Paediatric Orthopaedics (Children's Orthopaedic Surgery) is the speciality that deals with ailments or problems affecting the musculoskeletal system (bones, joints and related soft tissues - muscles, tendons, ligaments) in children and adolescents.

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